For several months, I’ve tried reaching the top curriculum people in the closest school district to me in suburban Charlotte.  It’s not the giant school district of the entire city of Charlotte, but still over 10,000 students in this one.  My purpose for calling, as mentioned on previous blog posts, has been to set up a meeting to discuss doing a pilot program with the district.  I’d like the district to work with me in having teachers pilot my Mootup program.  I’ll offer free Mootup access for the length of the pilot, and expect a minimum level of use and feedback in return.  No money changing hands, and I don’t think I’m asking too much.

Apparently I’m wrong though.  At the district level, I simply can’t get a hold of anybody.  I have tried leaving voice mails, messages with administrative assistants, and sending emails.  None have been returned.  After no progress there, I tried going to the next level by reaching out directly to the individual principals in the district.  For all but one principal, I got the same result – no response at all.  The one principal I did reach was kind enough to agree to meet with me.  By the time the meeting came around though, something had come up so he had me meet with someone else.  This other person came to the meeting willing to hear about the tool, but having a pre-planned response anyways – that any pilot would have to go through the district.

How, I ask you, am I to do that if they don’t take my call?



  1. Who wants to have a meeting? Nobody. Who wants free lunch? Pretty much everybody. Luckily, those types of expenses are tax deductible.

    1. Good point. I don’t know if it’ll make a HUGE difference since I’m still not reaching a live person, but it’s a slight change to the message I leave that might make a big difference. I’ll give it a try!

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