Edtech Startup Puzzles to Solve

  • How does anybody get past a principal or district employee’s receptionist when it’s your first time calling, or actually get a call back if you do leave a message?  I’m only trying to talk to them about piloting for me, but if I can’t get a hold of anybody that’s the first puzzle.
  • Do benefits to students really matter if I’m talking to a teacher about a new tool?  Obviously they should matter, but for most teachers do they?
  • Why is the entire educational establishment seemingly okay with ignoring the argumentative writing standards in Common Core?  There’s a huge disconnect between what Common Core describes, and what teachers do (only argumentative and persuasive essays, not much emphasis)
  • Why is there such a huge gulf between the level expected starting in 6th grade for argumentative writing standards in Common Core, and actual common 6th grader abilities according to teachers I’ve spoken with?
  • Should a teacher tool like Mootup be sold from the bottom-up, starting with teachers that will use it, or top-down starting with districts since they are directly responsible for standards-alignment and purchasing?
  • Why does it seem like other startups are able to easily connect with potential customers, and I’ve had such great difficulty?  Is it luck, or is it something in how I’m going about it?

I’m a little verklempt.   Talk amongst yourselves (if that doesn’t make sense to you, it’s an old SNL joke).


One comment

  1. Hi Josh,
    Don’t give up! I’ve been taking MOOCs classes for a year now and truly believe in its future. I also started making a directory of MOOCs classes that resulted in http://www.topfreeclasses.com site. I found answers to a lot of my questions at udacity’s ‘How to Build a Startup (EP245)’ . There are live forums there, you’ll find a lot of supporters. Give it a try and good luck with you startup!

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