History: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A few years ago, a friend of mine and I spent a lot of time playing around with ideas for a debate website, and we even formed a company around the idea we had.  My friend was the one with the web development skills, and similar to my current situation, struggled to find time to build the site to match our vision and eventually things slowed down.  Since then, quite a few other sites have launched that were similar in many ways to what we discussed.

Eventually, I had a new idea that was debate-related, but different in many ways from the previous idea.  For several reasons, I decided I wanted to have a different partner to help move this idea forward.  In one of the rougher conversations of my life, probably like a break-up, I had to tell my friend and former partner that I’d be going in a new direction business-wise.  Unfortunately, but perhaps not unexpected to some, he took this poorly and our relationship has not been the same.  That part of what I’d call the Bad, and it saddens me still.

The choice of who I partnered with for this new idea was ultimately the right choice though.  He got right to work on the actual web development of the tool I had in mind, and I began working on a provisional patent application.  We continued moving things forward in polishing the web application at the same time as I was working on the actual, full patent application.  The success of us building the initial version of our product at the same time as I worked on patenting it, all on a shoestring, self-financed budget, is the era I’d call the Good.

Figuring out how to bring new educational technology to market though was the next challenge, and this is still the era I’m in now, which I would call the Ugly.  The challenges I’ve faced, and the ones still to come, will be some of the primary topics of this blog. 



  1. anaredmond · · Reply

    Hi, Josh,
    I have been down this road too. My first few startups did not get any traction – both cases I was trying to solve problems for other people. I shut them down after 6 months. My last startup has some traction – more than 100k downloads, mostly from parents. I am a parent, teacher and developer. I build what I need for my kids as a parent – it turns out to be useful for other parents too. It is good that it does. But, even if it wasn’t, I would still continue – because I need what I build.

    1. I’m impressed with your persistence! It’s been discouraging at times, running into the struggles that I have (detailed on another blog post), but I’ve had some more encouraging events lately that have re-energized me. What’s your most recent startup?

  2. anaredmond · · Reply

    Very glad to hear to have been getting some traction recently. It’s a good feeling.

    I have been working on creating educational apps for my kids. I posted them on google play (under the company name of infinut) to see if anyone else would like them too – and they do – mostly. I teach what I learn as well (programming instructor at a univ.). It’s a lot of work. I feel happy with what I am doing. That’s the most important thing.

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