Monthly Archives: October 2012

Baby Steps

After mostly frustrating results in recent months in trying to reach either districts or teachers directly (as reported here: Bureaucracy), I’ve had little bit of positive progress in the last few weeks.  We’re still far from being significantly revenue-generating, but after all the failures in finding anybody to work with to pilot Mootup, a little […]

Is the phrase “Humble Salesman” an oxymoron?

This post will be a little offbeat compared to previous ones.  This post is less about the process of how to sell to an educational audience, which I’ve been writing about quite a bit.  This post is more about the attitude one has when selling. As always, full disclosure.  I’ve never held a full-time sales […]


For several months, I’ve tried reaching the top curriculum people in the closest school district to me in suburban Charlotte.  It’s not the giant school district of the entire city of Charlotte, but still over 10,000 students in this one.  My purpose for calling, as mentioned on previous blog posts, has been to set up […]

Edtech Startup Puzzles to Solve

How does anybody get past a principal or district employee’s receptionist when it’s your first time calling, or actually get a call back if you do leave a message?  I’m only trying to talk to them about piloting for me, but if I can’t get a hold of anybody that’s the first puzzle. Do benefits […]

Educational Surge

A lot of attention was given to the military strategy of the surge, as used in the American engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan.   The concept is as follows: amp up the military resources in the area to quickly make a lot of progress in achieving goals (namely, suppressing the military opposition).  If effective, then enough […]

Teaching Argumentative Writing for Common Core: What resources are there?

I just did a comprehensive of what argumentative writing tools and resources there are available for teachers.  Here’s what I’ve found: Lots of essay outlines and templates available online. Plenty of books on argumentative writing, many of which I’ve looked at: Teaching Argument Writing by George Hillocks, Jr., who inspired another generation of English and […]

Reasons I think Mootup Should be Succeeding (but its not)

This post is about Mootup, the product we’ve been building that I’ve been trying to introduce to the educational world.  It’s at for anybody to go see what it does.   This post is about why I think it SHOULD work. Most (but not all) students dread writing assignments.  Mootup is enough of a twist […]