I recently had the opportunity to visit the Library of Congress, and spent a good deal of time in the exhibit called “Thomas Jefferson’s Library”.  It’s a recreation of part of his personal library, which was the largest personal collection of books in the world at the time.  He eventually sold his library to the […]

I can’t say I was surprised to read in this Wall Street Journal article that American students are not meeting expectations in vocabulary.  The experts, as usual, say not enough time is being devoted to vocabulary.  This is the usual response when we hear about another educational area our students fall short in – saying […]

What single resource is causing the broadest paradigm shift in classrooms?  I’d say Khan Academy.   It can be used in many ways, but it’s really only a paradigm shift if it causes teachers to “flip the model” as has been said.  Flipping the model refers to using online video lessons on Khan to teach students […]

As mentioned in my previous post Baby Steps, I’ve had progress in district partnerships for piloting Mootup.  A district in Arizona has moved quickly with dozens of teachers already actively using Mootup.  Preliminary feedback is positive, and some suggested improvements have already been implemented.  Simultaneously, we’re quickly moving forward in starting another pilot in North […]

After mostly frustrating results in recent months in trying to reach either districts or teachers directly (as reported here: Bureaucracy), I’ve had little bit of positive progress in the last few weeks.  We’re still far from being significantly revenue-generating, but after all the failures in finding anybody to work with to pilot Mootup, a little […]

This post will be a little offbeat compared to previous ones.  This post is less about the process of how to sell to an educational audience, which I’ve been writing about quite a bit.  This post is more about the attitude one has when selling. As always, full disclosure.  I’ve never held a full-time sales […]

For several months, I’ve tried reaching the top curriculum people in the closest school district to me in suburban Charlotte.  It’s not the giant school district of the entire city of Charlotte, but still over 10,000 students in this one.  My purpose for calling, as mentioned on previous blog posts, has been to set up […]